Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Recommended Read - Exposure by Brandilyn Collins

by Brandilyn Collins
Zondervan, 2009
Fiction, 268 pages

We have so many reasons for reading: picking up new knowledge, spiritual growth, delighting in wonderful images or other writing techniques, gaining understanding of a different culture, learning “how to” do something, escape through introduction to interesting characters. All are good reasons.

There are several genres that I’ve not seriously explored when reading, and one is works of suspense. Oh, perhaps an assignment now and then—such as The Pit and the Pendelum by Edgar Allen Poe. But even then, when the work is clearly identified as art by literary experts, I remain untouched. I tried a Sherlock Holms story once and gave up before half through.

With that as a background, I’m hardly the person to review Exposure. For this is a suspense story through and through. Creepy feelings of people watching abound from page one. That may be your thing and I won’t argue with you, but I was bored all the way through Part 1.

In Part 2, however, plot elements became more interesting. Two story threads never seemed to connect. I wondered how Collins would bring this all together.

The resolution in Part 3 took me completely by surprise—and I’m usually the one who irritates family members by knowing how the story will end. Perhaps it’s because I’m new to the genre, but I’m not so sure. And regardless, the conclusion was eminently satisfying.

And then the Epilogue—a shot of ironic humor that bemused me when I read it and that generates a chuckle now as I remember it again.

Where does Christianity fit into the story line? The main character has only recently been introduced to Jesus and faith. When she’s afraid, she remembers what she’s learned about God, and she prays.

Is this truly a Recommended Read?

Well, I admit I’m not going out anytime soon to find another suspense novel. But I saw genuine merit in the creativity and craftsmanship. I think I can enthusiastically recomend it to people who enjoy suspense. And if, like me, you aren't into suspense, you might enjoy it in spite of yourself. As a quick read, it provided escape and pleasure. There are times when that is exactly what a person needs.

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