Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Recommended Read - The Hole in Our Gospel by Richard Stearns

The Hole in Our Gospel
by Richard Stearns
Thomas Nelson
Nonfiction, 279 pages

Richard Stearns was a corporate CEO enjoying success beyond what most people can imagine. Then God called him to become president of World Vision, a move he made in 1998.

The strength of this book are the stories. Stearn's accounts include his development as a youth, meeting the woman he married, the challenge of coming to Christ, and his immersion into corporate America. Strung together under a bigger theme, they alone are exciting to read.

The story that stays with me, however, is the story of his move to World Vision. Both touching and funny—who wants to give up a modern-day mansion and a company Jaguar to live in a modest home and drive an adequate but used car?—this book provides perspective on God’s preparation of a man for a big job. And Stearns shares it candidly. Not many men would reveal they were so dispirited by God’s call that they went home, pulled the covers over their head, and cried.

The Hole is the Christian’s lack of response to the world’s needs. Story after story illustrates his point. Whenever Stearns stays with the stories, the book is riveting. Statistics less so, but they provide important details. While the book is shameless about soliciting others to join World Vision or other Christian humanitarian groups, he wouldn’t be faithful to his beliefs if he didn’t do as much.

The Hole in Our Gospel was both an enjoyable read and a call to action. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

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